Proty - Platform puzzle game

Hi forum people, i want all your critics on this one.

It’s suppose to be done with the programation… but the save/load part is not working and the stop sound is not working well right in android…

First advices, i know it may look quite poor, so, please advice to improve and impresions, it’s just one level right now :imp: , i’ll put some more soon

I tried your game. It’s pretty good, but…

I confess I do not understand the rules of the game. I understand the controls, but I do not understand what is the goal. I won, but I do not know how I did.

Other than that, the controls are good enough, although the hitbox of ladders is very strange: just touch one pixel of the ladder in order to climb on it. It would have the hitbox of the ladder is narrower than the ladder itself. For that, you could use the collision mask.

Thanks bro, the point is kill the enemies, this one is easy cause its the first level, i will be increasing the dificult to kill all of them, sometime could be justo one, sometimes 10 of them and more object to move and crush and so on :smiley:

I see.
Nevertheless, I still think we should correct the problem hitbox of ladders. I took a screenshot of the game to illustrate the problem:
Also, I think a few texts would be welcome, since it is not necessarily easy to understand what to do. I speak knowingly, because for the game I co-developed with Blady, we had been criticized (rightly) for the absence of instructions. A few little words here and there would do the trick. :wink:

PS: Sorry for my broken English, I use Google Translate.

Thanks, i understand what you mean about the ladders, i’ll check it, and also i’ll make some kind of instruction for the gameplay :smiley:

After some modifications on the progamming, i add the first 9 levels.
1.- Later i’ll make some explanation of “how to play” in levels 1 and 2 with just some text.
2.- Also i’ll make a “intro” with the name of the game and “powered by Gdevelop” some kind of black background and image like “making transparent” till disapear :laughing: .

What do you think about the game right now? Any suggestion?
The game it’s just try to beat all the enemies from each level, there are block you can break, blocks you can move to the left, blocks you can move to the right, ladders, hole, and blocks that you can’t move anyway. :smiley: .
It’s very easy, but there is time and diferent posibilities to arrive to the enemies.

Nice game, I’m enjoy playing it. Only two problems. Sometime I fall through the blue block and would be nice to be able to save our progress and keep the unlocked levels so we could continue where we left off.

Good one, all 9 levels clear… but not sure if I’ve cleared them in the “right” way (for example broke blocks from the stairs).

I’ve fallen through black blocks too :smiley:

The game saves automatically when you clear the stage, next time you play, you only have to touch/push in the first stage, up right where says LOAD GAME, check the picture.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I program the blocks with two behaviors, one as platformObject, so it can fall, and another ass platform, so i can walk above it and no thourth it… When is at 60px to other object it change to platform… sometimes after a fall it doesn’t stops at 60px, probably at 61px, so it doesn’t change… :cry: :cry: Seems that there is no way to make this 60px always… so i thought i have to do in the programing.

If one of this is true return true
- if bla bla object 60px change behavior
- if bla bla object 61px change behavior

The problem is that right now i have 18stages… :cry: I’ve got to change a lot… but… if lizard has any idea… :laughing:

Now you have 18 stage to play :sunglasses:

Also must be solved the problem of the go thru blocks :laughing:

I tested. The game is supplemented, it is well! Alas, the problem of the ladders is always present. It is not disturbing in oneself, but the render is strange.

Hold if not, I noticed that you use a mask of collision for the hitbox of the character. I think that you should modify that: either to replace mask of collision by pixel perfect, or either to reduce width of mask of collision (as what I had advised you to do for the ladders by PM), of kind to avoid comical situations like this one:

Good luck !


Thanks for the notice ThomasCVB , yeah i change the hitbox of the wolfman and done, now it’s not weird :laughing:

Also another 9 levels, so 27 in total right know, also at level25 new background and new music.

Guys if you are trying the game and you see it quite hard told me, ok? I’m not sure if the stages are quite hard to be just the first thrities :S

New upload!

1.- Another 9 stages (36 in total right now).
2.- Added the intro very nice with changing the opacity (Don’t know if provisional or definetly, will see) Thanks to Lizard-13 for the example of the programation i found looking in the forum :sunglasses: .
3.- Added how to play in Spanish (my language) and English (hope there are no mistakes :laughing: ).

If there are any advices or any mistakes, please told me, thanks a lot friends.

I have already publicate it in play store, with the 99 levels and everything corrected and working fine, now i just need to now how to put the admob into the game to create a demo so the users can play it and know if they wanna buy it or not, with the configuration of the program gdevelop i was able to put the banner, but not the interstitial yet :cry: , i’ll insist trying.
Meanwhile if anyone is interested here is the game. … y.xaigames

yeessss, i already made up how to use the interstitial with the gdevelop games, so, now you can test a demo of this game in your mobile, with 9 stages (the pay version has 99), and you can try the compatibility with your mobile, the gaming experience, and the game to see how hard it could be.
For the Demo version i use the stages 2-11-26-33-43-49-57-65-78 from the complete game, the 78 stage will begin to feel quite hard…
Hope you enjoy it! … o.xaigames

And if you like it and decide to buy the full game, i assure you are gonna have more than 5 hours of game, in fact i don’t think a regular player can finish the game in less than 7 hours, so will be money well spend :smiley: … y.xaigames

And Merry christmas :smiley: :smiley: