PS5 Controller Support with addaptive Triggers

Hi what about PS5 Controller? with all the new features they have like Adaptive triggers, Haptic feedback can anyone make a extension out of this or maybe update the gamepad extension?

I think the author of this extension doesn’t have a PS5 controller, you’ll need to buy him one. :smile:

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xD i have one so i can try

I don’t think this is currently possible.

The gamepad extension uses the Javascript Gamepad API. as far as I can see it doens’t have support for haptic feedback nor adaptive triggers. Gamepad API - Web APIs | MDN

Isn’t that haptic feedback?

Not quite, from what I can read that is more base rumble control, and wouldn’t impact the triggers.

It might allow for some control over the newer rumbles in newer controllers, but not the level of detail in a PS5 or Joycon.