Pseudo 3d and mouse controle

i would like to make a game with a perspective like a mod for dont starve called “the screecher”

it has props that rotate to the cam…but thats basicly all i know you can look around but only left and right wich is fine but there is another thing i dont know…its how to look around using the mouse…i really need both but mostly the 3d on…thanks! ^^ <3

Sorry GDevelop is only 2D

I know that ITS only 2d butbi Sant it to bei Fake 3d Like in this Game i have a Video thats also Linda Like that…

Your video - fake. Proof:

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But pseudo 3D in Gdevelop is possible: Pseudo 3D Examples - #11 by Phenomena . But how to make the camera rotation feature i’m not ready to reveal((

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wait you are the real one?! OMG but how does it work?

i mean i know this video but HOW!!!

This is based on trigonometry functions (cos, sin). I use this pseudo 3d method for my game, sorry, i not ready to lay out an example file


I think this one is really a fake…
This is a video game run on emulator, it’s not recreated with GD.
All stuff on scene editor come from race example from GD4, and some sprites on scene, the biggest sprites are just one sprite.
Also the object list is displayed by default, and it’s not visible in the video, why this choice, maybe for hide how many objects are really present in scene…


Really good job, you push the limit of GD5 with your knowledge in math. :clap:


Thank you, I’m not the first to realized this, this guy did it 2 months ago)) he prompted me something

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So is it very hard to do a game like Don’t Starve in GDevelop? What about the example isometric game? That looks pretty cool and 2.5D. @Bouh

The Isometric example uses a flat background image, and flat perspective also. The hard part of 2.5D is the perspective of Don’t Starve, since it means using 3D engine in some way

btw i maee my own 3d boxes in gdevelop 5… lol