Pseudo 3D Question

The Pseudo 3D (2,5D) is just a 3D game but with camera fixed ithout rotation?

Generally, pseudo 3d is 2d but made to look like 3d. 2.5 in my experience is completely rendered in 3d, but yes with a fixed camera orientation to mimic the look of 2d platformers or top down games.

The former is possible in GDevelop, but does not have that functionality ‘out-of-the-box’

@convictedweirdo A 2,5 game can be like this?

That is just a full 3D, not Pseudo 3D or 2.5D. Everything is fully modeled and it is using all 3 dimensions (depth for the hallway, length/height for everything else)

Pseudo 3D is Wolfenstein 3D for DOS way back in the day, as there were no polygons being rendered, it was all just projected textures (Sprites) and specialized raycasting.


But is 2,5D why is without camera rotation?

Pseudo 3D is 2D graphics that simulate 3D. This is also called fake 3d. Examples of different pseudo 3D techniques:

Pseudo 3d in Gdevelop 5: Pseudo 3D Examples


thanks for bringing the sliced sprite tech to my attantion.
Thats pretty cool stuff!

96 frames (slices) for a 4 frame animation.