PT-BR Translation 100% DONE!

I’m currently doing the PT-BR translation. I can’t programming yet, so that was the fastest way I found to help make GDevelop grow.

I’ll let you know when I’m finished.


That’s a huge contribution :slight_smile: The best I can do is look for typo’s :smiley:

Editor Messages translated. Also made some spelling and grammar checking. Tomorrow I’ll start to translate the Core and Extensions messagens.


It’s a big job, there’s a lot of text, thanks for your help!

When in doubt, don’t put anything on.
If you have a question there’s a cat on the right in crowndin.

I’m telling you this because some people have written some texts very badly translated. And so all their contributions have been erased because we don’t have time to check everything.

It’s better to leave an empty field that will be displayed in English in the software than a badly translated and incomprehensible text.

Also if you made really good translation or you are a teacher you can ask to be a proofreader for your country.

I’m Brazilian, so I can assure that the translation reflect the terms we use here for gamedev.

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Guys, Sorry I couldn’t keep doing the translation. I got the Dengue Fever (at first I thought it was covid) and I can barely move my eyes. It hurts all over the body. I’m resting and I’ll be fine to get back soon.

That does not sound pleasant at all :frowning: Take care, and I hope you have a swift recovery.

Yey guys, I’m back, healthy and ready to go. I’ll continue the PT-BR translation and a friend of mine, another brazilian will help so we can finish it faster!

ITS HAPPENING! It will help Gdevelop to grow so much in Brazil, I’m very excited!


So good to see you up and healthy again! I wish you all the best with the translation :slight_smile:

Hey guys, were now at almost 75% of the pt-BR translation. My dream to see my students learning Gdevelop is almost coming true!

Once that I and my friend finish all the lines, which will be the next step? I mean, how and when the text from there migrates to the app itself? What else can I do to speed up the process?

@convictedweirdo @Bouh @4ian
80% and going up guys!! , may anyone answer my previous question please?

The translations are updated at each release of GDevelop by the dev. You have nothing to do on your side.

When the 100% will be reached on crowndin, they will also be in GDevelop in the next release.

@Bouh @convictedweirdo Hey Guys, the PT-BR translation is almost finished (95%) I’m doing it with my fiancé and another friend of mine so it will be completed in a couple days. However, when navigating through the editor I’ve found several wrong translations already published and some terms that don’t follow a standard. I would like to fix them, once that I think that even when an english word has several meanings in portuguese, in a software like this, we should use only one in order to not cause any kind of confusion.

I’ve sent an email to @4ian requesting to be a proofreader a week ago but I got no response yet. I would appreciate if you could set me as proofreader, so I could fix those translation mistakes. We would probably have an 100% PT-BR translation done by the time next release launches, and that would be very cool!

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I would have done it myself but I can’t rank up anyone on crowdin.
I will support your request!

Hey @IttaloXD sorry for not noticing this earlier. Happy to make you proofreader so that you can go ahead and fix the existing translations! :slight_smile:
If you find a lot of mistranslation from a specific contributor, let me know and I’ll be able to remove all the translations from this translator, in case they are really bad quality.


Thank you very much man, I’m really happy to contribute with Gdevelop

Well Guys, it happened! It finally happened! The translation is done! That wouldn’t be possible without @Elikah_ and @Samarasenna2014 's help.

Now I’ll make several grammar and context checks. Some are hard to find among the crowdin strings, but will be easier to spot once the new update arrives with the full translation!

Many thanks to @4ian @Bouh and @convictedweirdo for all the guidance through the whole process. I hope quarantine in brazil ceases soon so I can show my students that now they can dev games even easily than before!

Thanks guys!


Congratulations, that is a huge achievement and I’m glad you were able to finish it. I never finish anything I start lol.

Well done @IttaloXD this will help a lot of peoples!

Last day you have reported missing translations, i work on it :wink:

Congrats @IttaloXD! The new translations will be in the next update, that should hopefully be out sometimes in the next days :slight_smile: