Publish games strategies

Hello, I’m Alex from the Beeaar Games team, in about 3 months we will publish the first games, we are looking for some tips / strategies.

For now, for advertising we have:

  • More than 20 Facebook pages and Instagram accounts of various kinds.

  • A maximum of € 15,000 to invest (This if they helper us as promised, for now the safe amount is € 2000 :disappointed:)

  • A Youtuber friend with about 400k subscribers. (but it’s not about games :joy:)

  • No other :sob:

Based on this, do you have any strategies to recommend?

I would be very happy, any advice to do more downloads is appreciated, and if one of these helps us a lot I will be happy to reward, thanks again for everything, you are a fantastic community.

I would recommend to find some popular gaming youtubers, and get them to try and review your game. :slight_smile:
I think small accounts will do it for free, while you’ll probably have to pay for the big names.

Also, get a Twitter account, make friends with some devs and gamers and share game teasers every few days until the release.

Worth a watch


Thanks, very helpful :grin:

We are running out of time, we have to publish a huge game within 3 months and we have not yet thought about the strategy to do it.

I am looking for another helper to add to the team, I cannot pay a salary at the moment:
(Because I prefer to keep money for advertising :rofl:)

So if someone wants to join they will simply have to trust :sweat_smile:

Instead, for those who don’t want to waste more than 10/15 minutes a day but are still willing to help us (I don’t forget) :grin: send me an email or number for WhatsApp.

Any advice, even the most obvious, is greatly appreciated!