Published My Very 1st Game: Pugilistic World Legends on!

Hi all! I published my very 1st game yesterday and it feels so surreal. It’s a 1v1 2D fighting game still in the early stages! Wanted to share my joy and also see what fellow game developers think!

Was making a game with my friends but it became too ambitious so we swapped to having a friendly game development competition instead. Learning from that, I didn’t want to be too ambitious at the start and wanted to make a game that could quickly satisfy a game desire hence a fighting game. It’s quite funny too because my other friends used Unity and there were many things made easier with GDevelop, glad I found this engine!

Would really really appreciate it y’all can check it out and give comments, feedback, reviews, and rate it over on Pugilistic World Legends by chaviusz So grab a friend and have fun!

Thank you! :smiley:

cover image 2 (cropped)

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