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Added more information about publishing a game on and added a detailed description on building the package for an HTML5 game before uploading to

Link: Publish your game to [GDevelop wiki]

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In the “Why” section:
In my opinion worth also mentioning that, can also transfer the money directly to you after each transaction instead of collecting it for you, but then you need to take care of refund requests and paying VAT. If you choose to collect the money for you then take care of refund requests and paying VAT on your behalf though you might still need to be registered as a “sole trader” and present the VAT documents provide to your tax office as evidence you’ve been paying VAT but at least you don’t need to calculate all that and keep a record, offer to do that for you. But if you choose direct payment then you need to take care all of that.

I think also important to mention offer to set flexible price to let people choose how much they want to pay by setting a minimum price so unlike with donation paying is not optional, people must pay but they can choose to pay more than the minimum if they think you deserve it. It is one of the most unique things about for those who seeking donations but don’t want to give their content away completely free and only hope some people may choose to donate.

An other thing worth mentioning too is that you can now connect with Patreon and offer access to content to those who support you through Patreon.

Other than that, it looks ok to me. :+1:

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Thank you very much for the feedback. I have included it now :smiley:

Is it possible to use butler on to build GDevelop games?

GDevelop can export your game as html5 files, you have to upload it on itch as a HTML5 game like the wiki page explain, and follow the guideline of the butler on itch io website.

Oh actually I was hoping to get butler to build my game as a Windows EXE so that I didn’t have the pain of a binary that wasn’t signed with a code certificate. Building an EXE from GDevelop is a problem because it’s an unsigned binary and I can’t justify paying $$$'s every year to buy and constantly renew my own code cert.

Butler won’t sign your binaries, nothing will get you a “free signature”. If you want a signature, buy a certificate. If you can’t afford it, there is no way to go around that.

I see, thanks, I think I misread the description of their Platinum Tier Compatibility policy · The app book -