Putting together Voltron team of Gdev guns for PAID gig

G’day GDev friends,

I’ve been a part of this community for around 7 months now and with the help of Chalkie; we’re days away from completing a pretty sizable level and game concept (all custom animation and artwork). I’ve been working on it full time, round the clock since I started with Gdev (Chalkie can probably testify to this with my incessant communication haha)

The difficult thing to establish within this medium (an open forum) is differentiating “just another game” from what I’m proposing here and establishing any kind of credibility using only pixels and not sounding like a w**ker. Here’s my best shot: I’m the guitarist/producer for Australian band, Twelve Foot Ninja - we have around 90k fans, 23.5 million YouTube views, and our fanbase is made up of gamers and comic readers (I’m just about to release my third comic - more a 72 page graphic novel), a new album and a slew of the most insane music videos I’ve ever made.

I’ve been meeting with FilmVic about getting a grant to progress the game from where it is now. The grant funding ranges between $30k to $150k and I’m in with a very good shot - but, I need people and a plan forward. Both of those things are symbiotic (the people need to be part of the plan). So far, Chalkie is on board but is limited with his time. I think I need at least 1 or 2 others with complimentary skills to join this mission.

My aim is to create jobs for a couple of developers and see this game evolve and expand off the back of the already established, significant audience. My assessment of the indie games world (knowing a few successful developers) is that distribution, being “seen” and marketing is the most difficult componant (we all know there’s a lot of cool games out there not being played!)…I also have the art and animation sorted as I’m talking to an animation company with a well-known animation on Adult Swim.

All the rest will have to be under NDA - I’m not looking for free work - but I am wanting to assemble a team of developers who might recognise this opportunity to leverage their own projects and/or help me generate a paid gig for them.

What I want: to make cool, fun s!@t.

Please DM me on Discord or on here or wherever you can to chat further. I primarily need people adept at Gdev coding vs. artists (but art experience is a plus).

Let’s chat!


Hi I am the “Chalkie” (Eiklahc) that Stevic is talking about, I am somewhat active in the community and have been helping Stevic with his game.

Stevic is pretty much spot on with everything, unfortunately with my current day job the time I have to work on this project is quite limited. So he’s looking for more talent to fill the gap.

If you have any questions about the project (that can be answered outside of the NDA) or about Stevic, let me know. He’s a pretty talented dude with a sweet guitar, so I think his legit :smiley: