I have a puzzle game that I want to create and for the life of me I can’t find any tutorial on gDevelop to assist me with these I was using unity 3d (version 4. something) I run into some trouble when I tried to export to android and now I’m using Gdevelop which works beautifully by the way i really need some help with my puzzle game because not only I’m developing it but, this particular puzzle doesn’t actually exist so I’m creating it from scratch I have basic knowledge of programming (C++ to be exact) THE GAME will have 3 spots which can hold 3 squares and there must be placed in a particular order to pass the level. Can anyone help me?

Ok I’ve read your requirement, and I’ll suggest a few things (for only the level):

  • make 2 more copies of the holder object(in the OBJECT editor)
  • rename them to reflect position, for eg: holdA ,holdB , holdC ,…
  • now make a button for execution of pattern i.e. something like enter or start
  • also make three different gem sprites, add draggable behavior to all of them
  • change origin of all these gems and holders to centre of the object
  • now group gems into a family and holders into another family
  • if family gem is in collision with family holder, set position of gem to position of holder
  • now add event that if clicked “try it!” button, and correct pattern colliding, it will give you great job or whatever level end you have planned