Question about licenses and NPM

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I’m going to ask something that maybe doesn’t make sense because I don’t understand about it.
When we build a project manually using free tools such as: electron, cordova, gradle, java, android-studio, node.js, yarn… it use some dependênces of NPM, right? And some of this free dependênces have a license? If so, how do I know? Looking in package.json after compilation?
Is there anything else related to this (licenses) that needs to be checked?


Hi, well I don’t know about electron. For cordova you can run an add platform ofyourchoice and then look in the node_modules folders to read each license. It seems like it would be tedious and they probably all say something like You are free to use this but you gotta include this copyright notice with it and NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED screaming out at you. Reminding you that a lot of normal people with no monetary support are writing these things and they just can’t afford to get sued.

The plugins folder would be more important to check out if you’re adding plugins willy nilly. And android studio will give you things to accept that you blindly click yes to as you’re downloading and installing and downloading again. And gradle I don’t remember, but I must comment that I commend their download/installation instruction page. And Oracle I don’t remember, I’m sure it was just things I was blindly agreeing to on the installation process.

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