Question about premium

I was just wondering, if gdevelop is open source, then cant u just hack in and disable the premium features?

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Subscribing only does 2 things:

  1. Increases the number of online-builds you can do. This is separate from the game engine itself, and you can export/build your code locally infinite times. As far as I know, that online build server isn’t open source.
  2. Disable the GDevelop splash screen upon load via the GUI. You can still disable this splash screen by directly modifying your exported files, and there’s guidance numerous places throughout the wiki on doing so.

There are no other features that require a subscription. The debugger and other features do pop up a reminder about subscribing, but they have large buttons that allow you to continue anyway.

The main reason for the subscription is to help fund the online build server, although there are tertiary things like the main developer putting bounties out on features and other things.

So as far as your question, no not really, as there’s not anything blocked by subscribing that is built into the engine.


If you get premium you can also get more complete access to the game analytics