Questions about players and enemies

I’ve been developing for some time, but today I was wondering whether or not to use a “playerHitbox”.
Is it recommended to use a separate hitbox from the player or is it not a rule?

I don’t think it is really recommended. I guess it can be useful as you can make it visible for debugging, but Bouh is working on an action for making hitboxes visible anyways. I’d recommend against as it adds unnecessary complexity. You should definitely not see it as a rule. The platformer template is a bit old, it should probably be updated.


I would actually disagree with this.

Having a separate hotbox object lets you avoid alignment and movement issues if your sprites aren’t all the same sizes for a platformer character.

Without the separate hitbox you run the risk of jittery movement or animation behavior when swapping animations if they are different heights or widths.


Ah yes, I didn’t think of it this way as I never really consider having different sizes sprites as it is always going to cause issues in the long term. But I can’t expect everyone to think of it this way.