Quick Tip: Sending your MAC game to Steam


I’m not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but I want to share something that I recently discovered regarding sending your game, specifically, the mac version to Steam.

Steam has a Beta system that allows you to send your build/game to them directly by uploading on their site. In this case, you must send a ZIP file. I always do that, and never had a problem. The thing is: I always just send the Windows version, never the mac or linux.

With the release of Fisherman Classic this Saturday, I wanted, this time, to send also a Mac and Linux version. The problem is, when I compressed the Mac version and send to them, everything seems to work fine. But when I tried to open the game on my Steam/macbook, it didn’t open.

The executable path was something like game.app\Contents\MacOS\game (that’s very weird, maybe because I don’t know code nor anything about this, but the executable of the mac don’t have an extension - like .exe from windows). Ok, I tried to browse the local files of the game through steam and open directly from this path. The terminal shows up and said a bunch of erros. “file too short”, I believe, and lots of code lines.

I searched a bit and discover that the problem is the extraction. Depending the program you use, when extracting the app you may damage the files. That’s what was happening: I was compressing the game into a ZIP file to send to Steam, and Steam when Steam was extracting it to their server, the problem occurred.

Solution: send the game directly through steamcmd (I mean, through the Terminal and stuff, the most difficult way). If you send this way, you don’t have to compress (and, by consequence, don’t have to extract) the game, so it’s all good!

I tried to speak with the steam staff, and they couldn’t help me. So when I discovered it I feel it was something important to share.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought it was important to give a bit of context.

TL;DL: If you want to send your game’s MAC version, use the Steam SDK/steamcmd.
If you want to send only your WINDOWS version, you can use the easy way (direct upload).

Since I don’t have a Linux, I’m not sure what’s the case. The GDevelop saves the Linux version as a .AppImage. I can’t see if there’s a package with lots of file just like the Mac’s.app, so if someone could clarify this, that would be nice.

That’s it. I hope this is good information.