R.A.W. version 0.43

Version 0.43 is now out!

Liluo game build

Collisions are now in!

+When beside a vehicle, you can hit them for damage and to push them.
-+ Pushing can show the angle they went to and even a combo!
-+ Each vehicle can side-hit at a different rate.
+Change between 4 ‘lanes’, like layers.
-+ There is a slight delay between when you land & lane changing, as the same keys are shared.
-+ Each vehicle will change lanes at different speeds.
+Hit opponents from the back/front/etc. instead. Even drive over them!
-+ Or avoid those pesky boxes; lane it is in shown by shade; dark at the back.
+Race or wreck to win - or lose!

Still to be done:
-The combo system still needs more work. Definitely needs to be better.
-Add more to the damage system, like differentiating who receives the most damage
based on speed difference and more.
-Points for damage and combos. Some modes could be based on points to win.
-Work on custom graphics for levels. Already have the opponents done, just need to add.
-Previously mentioned stuff from 0.1 release.

Hi AlexArrow, it didn’t ever load for me, just stayed on the made with Gdevelop screen. Also, I think that people are more likely to be motivated to click on your link if you have a short description of what the game is about and show a picture of the game play.

Sorry, I don’t know what is happening. It loads from my end and even then, I wouldn’t know what to do. Might be a Gdevelop/Liluo/browser problem. Sorry.

I plan on adding more pictures once I have enough custom graphics. Not particularly exciting looking right now.

It works for me too. Maybe a shark has bitten the Aussie cable, or those neighbours over the ditch are stealing your bandwidth :smiley:

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Hmmm, haha, I tried a different browser. It didn’t and still doesn’t work in Firefox (for me) but did work in Brave. Good job AlexArrow, it looks great and the car spinning is a lot of fun. I wasn’t super sure what I was meant to do though, haha but it was fun.

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