Racing Game Tutorial [ PART 1] | G Develope 5 tutorials |

Made this tutorial for beginners of G Develope 5

Nice but there is a few things.

It is not G Develop, but GDevelop
Sometime you zoom in and out and switch between menus too fast and hard to follow especially for a beginner. You also don’t really explain what is it that you are doing. In case your english is not good enough you can use some sort of text to speech synthesis or if you prefer text, you should slow down the phase imo so people have time to read the instruction and also watch what is happening.
Like now, Subscribe now comes up way too often and cover too big portion of the screen. Usually it makes sense to display this at the beginning and half way of the video in a corner. But in a short 4 minutes long video, display it only at the beginning in my opinion but if you want to display it multiple times, reduce the size by 80% and put it in a corner.