Ragdoll Support

It would be cool if you added ragdoll support like in Unity. This can also lead to some cool effects if you run forward fast, and the player will tilt backward, or speed up faster, more realistically. Thanks!

Do you mean skeletal animations? Or do you mean jointing sprites, which is already possible?

The ragdoll isn’t a feature, it is a game mechanic, the feature behind is the physics and joint, there is physic 2.0 for that in GD :slight_smile:

After trying it please let us know your feedback here.

No, I mean, you can add a new object called Ragdoll, and in that object’s panel, list out all the different parts from other objects, like if you already have an object called LeftLeg and you link it to the Ragdoll object, and then link more parts, you can actually place them on the scene. Then, in the events, you can add an action like “when d key is pressed, pivot Ragdoll.LeftLeg 30 degrees.”

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Physic engine works mathematically and physically. If you learn more you will find it, it is already there.
object creation is the basic of game. You should learn to create it.

Ragdoll isn’t really an object in most engines. It’s just a way of using Physics.

It’s already possible in GD5, and you can see an example on the examples page, named “Ragdoll”


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Well, that was very gruesome. Anyway, thanks!

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