Random math questions appearing whenever "play" is clicked for school game

How can I display random math questions with 4 different multiple choices whenever I click the play button? Thats means whenever I click play, the questions that appear will always be different.

Do a Random Variable like that : Variable = Random(3) (between 0 & 3)

And all the conditions :
Condition : if Variable = 0 … Do Action 0
Condition : if Variable = 1 … Do Action 1
Condition : if Variable = 2 … Do Action 2
Condition : if Variable = 3 … Do Action 3

Do you undestand?

Sorry I dun really understand. I’m just a beginner. Where should I write them at?

something like that, check wiki or youtube videos if you are a beginner

Use Kahoot lol. Link to same/similar topic:

Alright thank you very much! How do I indicate that the 4 answers/options/choices that will appear belongs to a particular question?

@Meddy you have created third topic with same question, you can create juste one topic and wait few hours.
No need to create a new topic each hours.
Moderation team.

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and the top of that, it isn’t a “how do I…?” question. rather looks like “please somebody do my homework please!”

I posted an example of game few days ago in another post. It seems you’re more worried posting than reading answers.

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No, this is not what I intend to do. The first question that appears is always the same (not randomise) and there is no multiple choices for the player to choose the answer for the question.

Well,either use Kahoot or use the example from zutty and combine it with the Infos from the topic I linked. You have everything you need, it’s up to you now, except from us to create the entire game for you, Wich we won’t do.

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Thank you, this works. However, how can I show or move on to another different question when the player choose the correct answer?

It is up to you. There are many ways. You could change to a different scene (not a good idea) or delete the objects and recreate them with other values etc.

Thank you! Is it possible that the first question that appear will not appear in another scene? In other words, is it possible to validate the question to make sure it will not be asked the second time?

Please just think about it instead asking. I literally need 1 seconds in a loud environment to find a solution for each problem, and I am not the best GDevelop user, far from it! Just make the already asked questions in a global variable. And if you use random then it is close to impossible to get 2 times in a row the same.

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How can i store the already asked question in global variable?

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