Random Movement of multiple NPCs (Solved)

I want to make the Npcs move to random points on the map continual.
This is the code i use.

For some time it works like intended but after some time they stop moving.

Example video:

Get rid of that trigger once in the first event. I think that should fix it.

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I agree with MrMen. Remove the trigger once.

I tested it and it seems to do with the trigger once not having a chance to reset. I’m not completely clear why. It seems to happen when the boolean is false in consecutive frames. It just doesn’t get a chance to go from false to true and then back to false.

Here’s a link to an explanation to how trigger once conditions work under the hood

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Thank you that works perfectly.

You can simply use the pathfinding painter behavior​:expressionless::expressionless:

I dont understand what you mean.
I think the pathfinding painter is only for painting a path that has been found

Well it can be hard but once you get a hand of shape painter you can easily do it.

Please explain what do you mean?