[Rant] Loading back a GDevelop life save file

(long rant) Hi all! Firstly I just want to thank everyone in the community for existing and being community people (both forum and Discord).

I went on hiatus a year ago due to changing life priorities. Many things made me believe I don’t really have time for game development, worrying it would get in the way of my life goals.
I believed that for a long while, until a good friend I call Tansui made me realize I was reading way too much game-related TVTropes and The Cutting Room Floor stuff
(not responsible if you start spending time there hehe).

So, I published Boxwindow. It was amazing to receive such warm reception! And then I looked back on the previous posts I made, which links got most clicks, most helpful etc etc.
It dawned on me how despite the year hiatus, nobody really minded.

It was like loading an old savefile of a game, finding the game’s exactly as you left it a long time ago, you have to figure out where you were at, and the rules are exactly the same.
For GDevelop, well, people can pick many roles. I like solving coding problems and also help others if their problem is simple enough.
Sure, people change, the people are different too, but I found it amazing that there are still many people that should learn what a finite state machine is (do that, and you can do anything…)

Well, this post isn’t meant to confuse or offend any person for comparing an actual living breathing community to a game. It’s actually really comforting that while life presents many challenges to build the ending one wants, the dynamics of this community still feel very familiar.
Honestly, I cannot thank everyone enough for receiving me with open arms despite my year long absence.
I’d like to thank some people off the top of my head for certain memorable things:
Gruk: For making a joke about how I am cat and experimented a lot with yarn lmao, I love it enough to save as a gif
Silver-Streak: Wow, you’re still here? I appreciate every Wall Of Text posting you do even though not everyone will get what you’re saying, it takes a lot of time to type so many things, even more so that you’ve been doing it for a long time. How are you still here!?
arthuro555: For being :thinking: but actually super commited with GDevelop. You’re mysterious haha
4ian: Well, for making GDevelop. I pretty much owe my diploma to this collective program. (Sadly it’s not worth very much so I’m not too happy here xd)
@Phenomena For making a not-game GDevelop thing. It was an entirely different culture, like eating a local dish you’ve never eaten before. It was even more fun to know you appreciate my feedback for testing it! (Hope you don’t mind the tag)
Tansui: For being my father figure (not that you will see this post).

And you! Person reading this post. Even if your name is not there, I love you. Thank you for being here, for everyone. At this very second, the way things are going, it’s honestly a miracle you still exist. If not yourself, I’m sure someone is benefitting from all the good you bring.

Wow, that was a lot more feelings than I thought I would type.
I guess I hold too much strong feelings for this program, and this society, to put it away completely until I secure a comfortable life.
Guess from here I should think again which things are important and not important to me. Then, try to manage time. That’s come up a lot recently…

Thank you for reading!

(p/s: The last three months I’ve discovered and am playing Fallout 3 then New Vegas. It’s my first game where I can role play my own character, and therefore myself. Now I just have to limit my weekly playtime ^^’…)


Welcome back!

As far as me, I still use GD5, and believe in the engine and helping the community. Although if my posts are too long I suppose I could go? :thinking:



I’m glad to see you back!

:thinking: Sounds accurate, thanks for the compliment :blush:.

I hope you’ll accomplish your goal soon, though I’d be kind of sad if that means you would be leaving us again


I don’t know how to block quote like arthuro, so

@Silver-Streak SORRY I did not mean it like that lol, sleep deprived words (still sleepy rn)
it’s more like “wow, you still type a lot of helpful stuff despite having to balance life and work”. that’s really amazing so thank you!

@arthuro555 nah :smiley: the goal is to have enough money/passive income so that I don’t have to work a day job very much. trying to actually get that goal is really boring though :laughing:

No worries, I was joking around. I’m glad you’re back and hope your situation gets settled.

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Simply select the text from a previous post, a quote button will popup to insert a Blockquote in your post :wink:

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This was extremely moving and I don’t mind the tag.
Thank you and welcome back! :heart_eyes_cat:

I, too, have been on a hiatus from developing (due to tech difficulties and most original files are still on the old machine, which is sort of out of commission) although I still check in here from time to time and keep GD as up to date as possible on this new computer.