Rate my chest opening animation!

I’ve been learning GDevelop for over a year and recently wanted to make a simple animation of a chest opening and showing some rewards.

I’m looking to get better, so I’d appreciate it if you left some feedback about it, even though it’s just an animation.


Edit 1: updated video link to youtube since previous link was broken
Edit 2: updated video to a new animation.


The link isn’t working for me. It’s says invalid share key. Whatever that is. I’m not familiar with that site.

I can get t the web site, but there’s an error message that it can’t find the video. Then it asks me to log in. Nope, not doing that.

I’ve updated the link to a youtube video.

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Sorry, i´ve updated the link in the post now to fix that.

Very nice :smile:
Maybe adjust the size of the items, change the button to look gold and make it smaller (or make the chest bigger) so it comes out of the chest.
But hey, just feedback.

I updated the post with a new improved chest animation based on your feedback and some extra extra details I wanted to add.
Please let me know what you think!

I find with the latest animation that the item pops out first and obscures the chest opening animation. If you can open the chest and then have the item appear, then your work that’s gone into animating it can be appreciated. Otherwise it looks good - I like the little jiggle of the chest at the start of the animation.

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