(Re) Introduction

Hi all, I’m Andrew Wooldridge - I’ve been doing gamedev for a while, and webdev for even longer. I really like using GDevelop, and I’m finally making a ‘real’ game with it. I know enough about JavaScript to be pretty dangerous, so I’m hoping to not only file tons of bugs when I find them, but to actually help fix a few if possible. I love storytelling, RPG’s, and all things retro games, as well as VN’s so you’ll see that as a pattern with my posts. It’s been a while since I came around here so I thought I’d post a (re) introduction and hope to chat will friendly folks here!


Welcome again! It’s good to see someone also interested in storytelling (although I haven’t got around to writing one). The current tool for dialogue sphagetti is Yarn, and that’s been a fun experience even just getting it to work. Would like to think my experience with it so far is enough to help interested people get past the current issues that’ll persist until GDevelop updates - so if you want to ask that, go ahead!

For bugs, there’s a steady list of issues on GitHub, and active issues seem to come up faster than the current developers can fix them. Have a gander! : Issues · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
(Oh, it seems you’ve already been there. Cool!)

While bit unrelated, I’ll admit, it’s fun to hang out around here and converse with equally friendly folks. My Javascript journey has went to the ground because with so many people around, it’s hard to just jump right into a “How do I…?” board since compared to most people, I know squat, and so it feels intimidating to even go on a general programming forum.

That said - nice to meet you!

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Well ahoy there. Storytelling is also a huge part of my motivation for gamedev. Twine used to be my main tool of choice, but I came to Gdevelop because I wanted my games to be more game-like and less novel-like (but a good balance would be nice). I still hope to finish my Twine RPG one day :slight_smile:

Having a friendly, active and helpful community is hugely important in my opinion, and it’s good to see like-minded people sharing ideas and helping each other out. (Re)welcome!

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You are welcome, i am taha HTEWECH and i am new in this community

Thanks so much! That means a lot to me. I want to see how far one could take GDevelop to create Visual Novel style games as well as interactive fiction.

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