Rebound Ball playstore game

Hi guys can you test my game and tell me what you think? :smiley:

:arrow_right: Its a simple game but its very funny and sometimes hard. :unamused:

Hi! Rated and tested the game!

Game is good, controls are good, short stages at first is good. But it’s getting boring quite fast and you have seen it all after couple of levels.
What is bad is ads. Too many ads. Yes, you get ad revenue from ads, but really dude :smiley: I think in your game there should be ad after every 4-5 levels (or even after 6 levels) and that could be ok, not after every freaking level! :smiley: Or banner ads that could be in the game and still not harm the gameplay.

But overall a nice game! :slight_smile:

:v :v :v :v :v i love that ball, but you could add physics to it (eg it rolls down on slopes) and a tutorial because i didnt know what the xs do

I gave it 4* :v :v :v :v

thanks i´ll try to make a good update with less ads and a tutorial and add more levels. try to get the 13 levels so you can see it´s not that boring later