Recent GDevelop update isn't working - beta 92 windows

Help…Hey… err the program auto updated now my build is having visual issues … the screen is black and the functionality of the controls doesn’t work correctly (right control doesn’t punch :confused:) also the preview button crashes or seems to lose functionality … is there a way to revert back to a previous engine build.

I tried the solution : uninstall and download and reinstall from the website … sadly the issue doesn’t go away.

You can download the b89 version from Here

CTRL input have change, delete the instruction and recreate it.

Are you using some effects on layers ?
Can you send to me your compelete project folder in private message i need to see what wrong.

@Ruhan i’ve edited you post because you speak about a 2.89 version, PLEASE use the right version beta 89 is the real name…

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