Record extension isn't maintained

I really like the record extension, But I need a little help understanding all the features and options. The current documentation isn’t very detailed and bare bones. Could more detailed documentation be provided?

I’d love to see a simple breakdown of the default settings, the best use cases for each option, and all possible options/configs. That way, everyone, including me, will be informed, and can easily decide which setting to use. Thanks!

I’m not a native english speaker.

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Extensions aren’t officially supported parts of the engine, so normally it’d be up to the author to provide more detail.

Unfortunately, as far as I know the author isn’t active in the community any longer, so I don’t believe you’ll be able to get any more detail than what’s currently available other than by experimenting.

You can read a bit more from the original submission of the extension here: New extension: Record by Add00 · Pull Request #381 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub

Is it possible for anyone to write documentation about it?

I think it is possible if someone knows how to use the Media Recording API library. I know nothing about JavaScript, so I can’t inspect and try to understand.

While reading the documentation related, I saw this table that describes all the available codecs and what container does it support. The table below is pasted from this site.

Codec name (short) Full codec name Container support
AV1 AOMedia Video 1 MP4, WebM
AVC (H.264) Advanced Video Coding 3GP, MP4
H.263 H.263 Video 3GP
HEVC (H.265) High Efficiency Video Coding MP4
MP4V-ES MPEG-4 Video Elemental Stream 3GP, MP4
MPEG-1 MPEG-1 Part 2 Visual MPEG, QuickTime
MPEG-2 MPEG-2 Part 2 Visual MP4, MPEG, QuickTime
Theora Theora Ogg
VP8 Video Processor 8 3GP, Ogg, WebM
VP9 Video Processor 9 MP4, Ogg, WebM

Someone could make a dropdown input box that include the name of the codec and the container it supports in brackets, like the picture below:

The image above is not accurate and only used for demonstration.

For the documentation, someone could write a simplified documentation for record by using the provided documentation for Media Recording API.

Links that could be important for documenting/maintaining:

The video recorded by the extension results in a mediocre video quality when using WebM, changing the codec, bitrate, or the container doesn’t affect anything because they are always ignored

Finally, if the author is not active, who will be the talented individual responsible for maintaining and documenting it?

Unfortunately, no one, unless another community member decides to pick it up. As mentioned extensions are not part of the engine itself, so the GDevelop company devs do not generally get involved in maintaining, modifying, nor supporting them.

They are community logic snippets, and if the author leaves the community the extension is generally considered abandoned unless someone else opts to update it. They won’t be removed from the extension list unless they stop functioning, though.

I understand you. I hope the author returns to maintain the extensions.

Furthermore, I don’t think this extension is too complex for a beginner JavaScript programmer to fix. I will attempt to fix it, but my complete lack of knowledge in JS will definitely lead to failure. (Update: I can’t)

I’ve noticed that many of the extensions I use are from the same author. This concerns me about their maintenance and the possibility of them being removed if they break. Do you know if anyone else is planning / able to take on the maintenance of these USEFUL extensions, or at least make a similar one?

I appreciate your attention to this matter.

I’m not aware of anyone working on that currently, no.