Refilling particle emitter

I discovered this about particle emitters, which I think is not totally clear in the UI.

I was trying to have a particle emitter that I move around the screen, and simply add 1 to the tank when I want it to make a particle. However I’m sure that this is not the intended way to do it… it seems that changing the capacity in the events is actually just changing the “fill line” or the maximum that can be in the tank, rather than updating how many are currently left in the tank.

Then I had a “eureka” moment when I tried the “start emission” action. This works like timers where it actually restarts the emitter with a full tank. So for example, I set the tank size to 1, then every time I trigger “start emission” it emits 1 particle. (stop emission is not needed)

Anyway I figured I would share this in case others are confused about how to refill an emitter, since the fact that it restarts/refills is only written in the longer description of the action. I never even selected it before because I assumed that this action was only for resuming emission after using the stop emission action. Personally, I think it would be more clear if the action itself was listed differently such as “Refill and Start (or Restart) Emission”

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