Regarding Subscribtion and Splash Screen

As far as I understand, getting a subscription allows the user to get more online builds and disable the default “Made with GDevelop” loading/splash screen from the editor.
However, it is possible to manually modify the game files to disable the splash screen, and there are guides about it. But would it violate any terms/license if the user chooses to do so?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Nope! GDevelop’s license is the MIT license, meaning you can do anything you want (except expecting a warranty). Unlike many other engines, you are allowed to remove it or replace it with your own, and we won’t mind.

Though, if GDevelop really helped you make your game and you didn’t get a subscription, we would really appreciate of you at least give back to it by giving it some credit by leaving the splash screen :wink: .


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