Releasing demo to see if my game is fun :D

Hi! for the past couple weeks ive been working on a game project
its a shooter where the bullets cost money and the more enemies you hit with a bullet the higher combo you get and the more money you get
you can also push enemies in a certain direction to put them in one place and get a higher combo
basicly everything is explained in the game’s (not good) tutorial

please give feedback on what you think!

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So I am bad at video games in general. I got through the tutorial level and then failed the first level. I think maybe I ran out of bullets? I had $50 left at the end lol. I think I had fun for the short time that I played. I’m not sure that you need the page about the music…people will figure it out. The little tip screens between the scenes went by too quickly for me to read them, so you should consider adjusting the timing or making it a click-to-exit type of thing. Congratulations on your game!


Its fun but the starting text’s last line is weird and overlapping you should make a interqctive tutorial instead of a text based tutorial

i know, im gonna make a better tutorial in the future

thanks for the feedback!
i admit i should make a couple things in the game more obvious like when you dont have money for stuff
also i should propabaly delete the tips from the loading screen entirely cuz there’s no time to read them but i also dont wanna keep the player in a fake loading screen for 5 seconds

The main mechanic of this game is interesting, but I think it’s too hard the red bullet costs too much. I also like the hitting sound effect.

My suggestions:
Maybe consider reducing the red bullet price, and actually when I played I didn’t even use the green bomb it’s too overpriced.
In my opinion let the player auto generates money might sounds great, in some cases where you ran out of money you just wait for the game over so give the player some chances to recover from not having enough money.

Keep going it seems like it’ll be a great game with just some tweaks and content updates, your game play idea is already great.

auto generating money is actally a really great idea!

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