Removing splash in Json

Is it ethical? I cannot pay for the subscription. Can i publish my game like this?

As you can read on previous threads, yes, it is the intention of the team to allow anyone to remove the splash screen by editing your JSON files. As a part of the GDevelop philosophy, everything is MIT licensed and you can do anything you want with your games or your installation of GDevelop. Whether or not you find it ethical is up to you.

I would recommend you keep it though, GDevelop has little to no advertising so if everyone tries to hide that they use GDevelop, nobody will learn about it and it may never reach people that are looking for something just like it.

I am unsure why you want to remove it anyways: many professional games display the logo of their game engine when starting them.
Or maybe it’s not about professionalism but about being ashamed of using a no-code game engine? If so you have no reason to, many big games use at least to some extent. For example, Hollow Knight has major parts made using visual scripting. Either way, the way you build your game logic doesn’t matter, whether written as text or as an events sheet, it’s like using different art programs for your assets. There is no shame in using inkscape over Photoshop, just like there is no shame in using GDevelop over say Unreal Engine.

I have no issue with the GDevelop logo; i just wanted to make a bit of a more nifty splash screen myself, and also include the GDevelop logo.

Keep in mind you can modify the existing splash screen to have whatever image you want, including changing the GDevelop logo between a few different options. Having a subscription just lets you turn off the logo entirely.

You could also just have the GDevelop logo show up as normal, then have your first scene be your game company splash screen (This is pretty common in commercial games. Unreal Logo > Game Studio Logo > etc)

Where am i able to change the logo? I can’t see an option in the JSON or IDE.

In the Game Settings > Properties panel. There is a tab at the top labeled “Loading Screen”

Yes, where in there to add my own logo?
If i could add an image that would be great, because i want my logo next or above the GDevelop logo.

Add your logo to a full screen image (placing it above or below the center of the screen), and set it as the background image.

The GDevelop logo will still display “above” the background image, but your image will still be there.

This could scale badly though, if someone resizes my game won’t my logo be unaligned?

Only if you allow it?

Normally you’re not going to have the “Resize the game based off the window size” option enabled. That’s pretty uncommon in most games unless you’re doing some really advanced stuff with separate UI layers that scale differently.

If you have that enabled, then yes, the center of your background may not be the center of the window if someone has resized it.