Rendering,Draw calls solving?

Hi everyone,
i am working o a pixel platformer for android. and i was wondering there is anyone who can give me tip how to optimize the game performance pls?
since gdevelop does not work with sprite sheets i have many png files.which is ba for draw calls.(especially for mobile device)
so i tried to shorten the level(location).although that’s not the solution.
even after that is sill a bit fps are the touch controls respond badly.
is there anything i can do within events,for example,to optimize it?
thank you for response

Hello, there ton of thing to do/try to optimize your game. First you can try to run a lot the performance profiler of the debugger, and see what is the more ressources consumming in your events. On sprites, it depends on your animation skill, but reducing the number of image at the minimal key image is important. For 2d pixel art, you can probably for example limit your animations to 6 images per seconds, if the key image of your animation is right, it might smooth enough.

Also, not sure if it boost performance, but you could try two things : first use png8 standard with the most reduced color palet possible : less colors = less memory required. Also don’t forget to optimize your image with usefull tool lile pngoptimizer (or tinypng website).

If your performance are bad, try also to disable all running events oustide the screen : for example add a condition for animation/AI script to run only when the player is near (under 800pixels for example) This might avoid a lot of events to execute while it’s not required.

hi there,
thank you for response.
i will try the stuff you described and see how it works.
although i know that gdevelop is more for simple flash games with small content since it does not have sprite atlas feature to reduce draw calls which affects performance,especially on mobile devces…
thanks again