Replace Piskel with LibreSprite

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As the title says, can we replace Piskel with LibreSprite ?
1- It’s open source
2- it’s much more advance than Piskel
3- it’s literally Aseprite

LibreSprite website:


Unfortunately, as far as I underestand, LibreSprite is built upon incompatible technology that couldn’t be integrated.

From what’s been described to me in the past, In order for anything to be bundled in the engine (like JFXR/Yarn’s editor/Piskel), it must be either react framework ready Javascript or Typescript.

LibreSprite is very much not either of those:

If you’re looking at open source projects that may be viable to bundle, you’ll want to keep an eye on the languages used, and they’ll need to be wholly (or predominantly) JS and Typescypt.


Oh, that’s unfortunate :c
Thanks for the respond :heart: