Replacing Piskel with Pixelorama

What is Pixelorama:

License: MIT License

Pixelorama will soon be available as a web app, you can already try it on your browser here

I really think that we should use it in GDevelop someday, it is way better than Piskel, the pixel Perfect tool makes the lines automatically avoid jaggies and makes them look better, like explained in the book “Pixel Logic - A Guide to Pixel Art” (yes, I just used an excuse to mention this book, it is a great book, and I am learning from it)
I know that it’s still too soon to do that, I am NOT saying that the next release of GDevelop should have it, I am saying that we should consider it for the future. That’s why I didn’t create this topic as a feature request.
What do you think?

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i like piskel more cuz of 1 reason: pixelorama line system is annoying for me(i’d rather the line tool than shift key)

So, unfortunately, pixelorama is actually a Godot “game”, meaning it would require a separate exe to be included.

It also isn’t in JavaScript, so there is no way to include it in GDevelop as far as I know even ignoring the exe bit.

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its page will be updated to include an HTML5 (Web) version there too

The web version is in HTML5

HTML5 on its own cannot be used for animation or interactivity – it must be supplemented with CSS3 or JavaScript.

The GitHub page doesn’t have any JavaScript code, true
but it doesn’t have any CSS or HTML code either :eyes:

Also, the web version of GODOT actually uses JavaScript:

I don’t think that the web version is on GitHub yet. :thinking:

But thank you for sharing your opinion.:+1:

Let’s imagine that it’s possible, would you like it?

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I’m not an artist nor an engine contributor, so my info was merely from a technical standpoint. :smiley:

As far as I know, the entire app would need to be javascript in order to be implemented. But if that is possible, and it better suits the needs of users of GDevelop, I don’t see any issues. The biggest issue (after the “whether it is even possible” question) would be someone willing to do the implementation work.

I’m personally always for things that make the dev process easier, in general.

That said, don’t let piskel be some kind of roadblock for you. Nothing requires you to use Piskel for your art. you can always just use Pixelorama outside of the editor and import the image files.

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Godot games can be xported to Javascript, that’s what the webversion is :slight_smile: The problem would be GDevelop integration. This tool being bigger than piskel, it is also more complex and require moremore work to integrate with GDevelop.
To be more precise it would require

  1. A fork that integrates GDevelop (that’s not just a small modification, basically rewriting the whole saving system)
  2. An addtional GDevelop build step neccessiting Godot’s build toolchain
  3. Require using another engine to modify the whole code of this engine (to modify that part) (confusing, requires more tools for contibutors)
  4. It also means we would have to maintain that fork (keep it up to date), and we would have less time to actually work on GDevelop.

To me it doesn’t seem worth it. If there was to be another editor in GDevelop I would prefer something like GitHub - thenickdude/chickenpaint: An HTML5 Port of the ChibiPaint multi-layer Oekaki painting tool (pure javascript)

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Piskel is not 100 percent JavaScript either LOL :coffee:

I am in favor of Pixelorama because a lot of GDevelop newbies complained that the available pixel art tool is kinda average. Pixelorama is more powerful, designed for bigger pixel art.

Or maybe ChickenPaint like arthuro555 just said. It looks professional.

html5 and css are literally the same as javascript and the Other are just stuff like IDE configurations files and readme.

This might be more difficult for newer users to use too if they are not familliar with it.

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html5 and css are literally the same as javascript

Thanks, I am learning HTML sometimes (sometimes, as in ‘when I am not too lazy to do so’ :turtle:), good to know that it will be easier than I thought.
Also, I did not mean to make fun of him if that’s what it seemed, @Silver-Streak sorry if I offended you. :eyes:

If we’re talking about general alternatives to Piskel, we probably want to find something that can support both Pixel art and normal art.

Something like this might work? GitHub - prominentdetail/Pixel.Tools: Complete Pixel-Art editor with peer to peer collaboration features
Full tool: Pixel-Art Editor

ChikenPaint doesn’t seem to have a grid option that I can find, which would make it great for high-res art, but not great for pixel art.

Hmm…maybe a combination of the two somehow?

Maybe we could make GDevelop switch between ChikenPaint and depending on the scale mode:
Linear = ChikenPaint
Nearest (Pixelated) =

The way it was proposed on GitHub was to add chicken paint as alternative and let users select which they want (clicking on the pencil would open a drop-down proposing both tools)


i think they did say they are going to make it so u got to pay for it or make a paid version cuz theyre working if a company or somthing idk i forgot it was a long time ago

Haven’t tried Pixelorama but I like Piskel because of it’s quick and intuitive UI. I never intend to make a pixel art game and it sounds like Pixelorama is directed towards that niche market (although it has wider applications I’m sure). For me Piskel is more of a sketch pad to draw out rough ideas and for quick sprites to use in various actions/conditions (usually hidden sprites). Any detailed graphics are done in other applications like Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. It was a bonus that GD even had a paint program included, I’d assume all graphics would have to be done externally anyway.

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(Please excuse this old thread; I wanted to discuss this topic and keep the context)

I have briefly asked about integration on the Pixelorama discord server. Discord

Assuming Pixelorama is running as a web app inside GDevelop, what type of features does it need to make it easy for GDevelop to work with?

Related notes:
re: ChickenPaint - I don’t see any way to manage frame animation.
re: Piskel - Last release was 2018. Is it still being maintained?
re: PixelTools - Looks VERY cool… but last release was 2015
re: Pixelorama - Last release was May 2021.

I don’t know how logical it is. But, I suggest moving from a pixel editor to an simple image editor.

It can allow users to not only make pixel art (if the options in the editor is set correctly) but also other normal art style

It can handle pre-made assets better. Not like piskel where an imported asset gets pixelated. It can be used for simple changes

If I am correct there are a lot more options for image editors than pixel editors, so it should be easier to find one


I think the issue still falls back to the statement from Arthuro above.

Any editor needs to meet:

Obviously other art tools won’t have the game engine issue, unlike Pixelorama, but the rest stay true.