[Reported] A whole event block just got deleted while I wasn't even on the tab

I was editing the events in my menu and then going back to edit a level. I left the event tab open.
Was changing some things in my level: deleting objects, loading new sprites and building the level.
I start my game and suddenly a big event from my menu is gone. This was a event I did yesterday and didn’t change today. I could undo (2 times!) and it apeared again.
My guess is that it somehow stayed selected and got deleted when I pressed ‘del’ in a different tab, but I really don’t know.

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When you delete objects it tells you “Do you want to delete events associated with this object?” if you click on yes it deletes the events that contains a reference to it.

I did not delete any objects in the menu or any object that is associated with the event. There is only one object that is associated with the event in question and that is the font in my menu scene (which I did not touch.)
Edit: When I said I deleted objects I meant instances.

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The events tab is open.
You switch to the scene editor, you delete instances on the scene, but objects that are not in the events.
And there are event blocks that disappear because there was still a focus on them.

This is also what I think happens sometimes for me but without being sure.
And this would explain why other regular users of the software do not understand how something that used to work no longer works after the event without having touched the event or has an object that is related to the event.

He was defrauding the focus of the tabs if we’re not in it.

I let you report this bug in Github if you want.

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I am not sure what reporting it on github would do as opposed to here but I can do it if you tell me where exactly.
I am not able to replicate this however, so I am not sure what really caused this.

I do it.
This is important to fix or need more research, because it’s recurrent, a bit random but it can be a first part of the solution.

Bug report here

If someone manage to reproduce this bug by following specific step and that it works 100% of the time, please post here how to do it :slight_smile: Would be super useful!

I was still unable to reproduce this. I always close event sheets I am not working on now, I think that should be a work around.
Does GDevolop create any logs? That way I could check there if this happens again.
For the time until this is fixed an option to always ask for confirmation before deleting an event block would be super nice, seeing that this bug apparently has been around for some time.

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