[Reported] GDevelop5.0.0-beta73 Bug on the Event page

I updated GD5 this morning to GDbeta73 on MacOS and Windows, and whenever I add a new event, it doesn’t show up on my screen(although I am confident that the change has happened). It takes about a minute or two before showing up on my screen on the event page. I tried reinstalling and restarting my PC and the app, but nothing seems to work.

Yes GDevelop have a issue with actions in event sheet, it’s already reported, thank you :slight_smile: !
Keep an eye open, it’ll be fixed soon!


Thanks man i just realize this problem and i was like wtf is going on?
So we waiting

I kind of found a way to work around it…
Whenever you’re adding a new event(or an action) just left click on that new event line somewhere, your event should show up. Like say you had 1-2 actions and then you add a third one, just left click on the 1st action and the third action shows up somehow, but hey it works !

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Yes indeed it works the same to me win 7 here :wink:

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