Request Anaglyph 3D, like in cinema

There are a lot of feature request for the “real” 3D (x,y,z), but what about the 3D one can see at the cinema ~ in movies: the anaglyph 3D…
Put your 3D glasses on, or turn your special 3D display on and experience the wonder of optical illusion…

(Me, myself, an ordinary GDevelop user is not aware about the technical limitations/aspects how far it can go with this engine, maybe it would be too heavy for the general performance and maybe it is just a naive idea but…)

Maybe it could be possible to introduce this feature as an layer effect(?). The z-order of objects could define how far an object is and artificial depth could be created. Simple 2D games could have a benifit with anaglyph 3D against other games which are made with different engines(?).

There could be an action where the user could define how far an object is:
objects between z-order 1-100 = far away, objects between z-order 1000-1200 are very near (and so on…), well, just an example.

On the other side: I can’t really find products which supports anaglyph 3d, well, maybe there is not even a demand for anaglyph 3D on the market.