Required Extension throws an error if they are missing


Here is the case :

  • In a project, add an existing Extension (Sticker for example)
  • Create a new custom Extension
  • In this Extension, create a Behavior
  • In its properties, add a required Behavior (the previously loaded Sticker)
  • Export this Extension

In a new project :

  • Import your previous custom Extension in the project, but NOT the other required Behavior
  • Create a Sprite
  • Click the Behavior tab

You may see this :

The bug is that it tries to load something missing and throws an unreadable error for someone who don’t know they had to import other Behaviors first.
And it locks the entier Behavior tab so you can’t edit your project anymore if you don’t understand you have to remove the Extension you imported, or magically open it and understand you require other Behaviors.

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