Reset timer problem (solved)


Hi created variables (controls and up) to prevent an event to occur while the other is occuring.
Also used timers to check when the event is over and change the variables back to “ative”

I’m struggling to get one event to work (preventing the 2 events above to work while this one is occuring). At the moment it works just once. Maybe some problems with timers reset?

The code is the following, which works just once:

If it helps, here is the code of other event (up), that works fine:

Didn’t you post basically this same exact question in this thread a few days ago?

You think is the same? I’m not getting it to work.

you don’t reset the timer “touch_platform”

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I tried to add in the end but dont work. Where should it be added?

To if timer > 025 …

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Like this?

Nothing changed :confused: Only works once

In the player | Platform collision
remove the trigger Once and add if variable down = 0, and try
Plus if you are not changing the opacity of the platform way are you checking it?

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It is not working. If i add variable down=0 in the player | Platform collision, it keeps doing the action and not stop, whether i remove or not the trigger once.
The opacity is controlled above:

Actually, the opacity=0 is main condition for the action (i believe).

if your project isnt too big, and you dont mind sharing it, you can upload the project, and i can try to figure out whats not working. delete all unneeded scenes.
ideally also leave a description of what exactly you want to happen when.
if you dont want to share it publicly you can send me a pm.

its difficult to find out where the problem lies with just screenshots when you have so many factors overlapping.

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