Resolution fit isuue

When this is executed on GDevelop platform, the width and height both are getting fitted perfect. But when it is run on the browser the width is not coming right and it’s coming as shown in the image. However I tried implementing some options under game’s window and resolution but those didn’t work.

Kindly reply on this query. It needs to be resolved urgently.

What about your project setting?
Is anything wrong there

1300 x 720 this is the resolution

“change width to fit size” is this enabled if yes then disable it.

You have two options:

  1. Disable changes to the resolution in the game settings, it will cause black bats to appear around the game to make sure the size of the viewport is correct.

  2. Add the anchor behavior to your objects to resize and reposition them based on the changes in the resolution. This may make some images blurry as scaling of rasterized images is never perfect.

Note that people not answering is not due to wanting to annoy you but to not being available. There is no need to ask to reply, people will do it once they get available.