Resource not found

Sometimes when I open my old game this happens.
I can’t edit my viewport or in sprite viewer but Preview runs fine :expressionless:. I am facing this bug from beta 87 maybe


I had similar issue using multiples computers : one computer on windows 10, where i created the project for the first time, and second one using Linux. When opening the project on Linux, half of the ressources were broken without reason. When i was opening back the project (without any change) on the windows PC, same issue than you: fine preview, but broken IDE (object icons + frame in sprite).

Since i dont use anymore Gdevelop on linux for now, i’ve never encountered the issue again.

I think it might be just path related. Can you show us the ressources screen ? Are the ressources listed in red ?

Last “idea”, i see a # in your path, try to rename this folder without any special character. who knows…


Ok, I found a cheap solution to this. So what happened here is I made a game inside my
Local disk >document>Gdevelop project >“My game” then after the game finished I zipped full “My game” and moved it to E:>Game Backup. Then I opened it after a long time I extracted the Game in Game Backup folder to get some code. Then I faced this problem. After that I copied the project folder in Local disk >document>Gdevelop project >“My game” and now the game is working fine.:sweat_smile: