REST_API with JavaScript frameworks

I’ve read this topic about request.
Assume that I’ve managed to communicate(requests) with a hybrid app (Ionic, Vue or React Framework).
Can a JSON data safely flow in these types of the environment? I can’t speak English well so ill have to do the following, in the hope someone understands.


MyGame -> ExpressJS -> Ionic/React( via httpclient) -> firebase
MyGame -> Ionic/React(via httpclient) -> ExpressJS -> mongodb

I wonder, are there any chances? If so, is it safe against insecure connections?

If I understood correctly you want a GDevelop game to communicate with a hybrid app per http requests? In this case no, the transfert would not be secured.

I see, thanks for responding. :+1:. Soon as I get home, I hope I might come up with a solution.

Maybe try using