Retro Space Shooter Demo

Hello everyone, I would like to gather your feedback on my game. Feel free to give suggestions
The game link is below

Hope you enjoy!

P.S the game doesn’t have sound effects yet


Hi, I think it’s a nice and simple space shooter game.

If some old retro style sound effects are added it might be great

Things to be improved

  1. I think when I move it feels like I’m moving on slippy ice when I stop or change direction it has some delay to the movement (but other may find it good but for me I like it to be more smoothly)
  2. I don’t know what a red thunder or lightning box does and maybe add some text when you pick up item it tells what you get.

The good things:

  1. It’s simple gameplay easy to understand how to play.
  2. Good style

Overall it’s good.

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Hello, Overlord!

Nice game! I agree with @RedMuffin , it’s simple, but works!

My Feedback:

  1. Agreeing with @RedMuffin again, I think the delay to move to opposite sides could be decreased, but I also think you can make the spaceship of player move faster, because most of the enemies simple pass by and I don’t have time to try to destroy them. And moving faster would bring more action to the game.

  2. Your background is nice, but it’s in pixel art with the pixels too highlighted and so it doesn’t match the rest of the game’s visuals. Also, If you can make a background moving, it will give the impression that the ship is actually moving!

  3. I don’t want to tell you how you have to do it, because it’s your game. But I’ve edited an image so you can understand what I mean. Enemies are being created inside of screen, which looks a bit strange. Where did they come from to suddenly appear? If they were being created off-screen it would be better, but there is the player information. I think you could fill the part with information of player and make it in front of the enemies, bullets, etc. That way you can create enemies more up and it would give the impression that they are coming instead of suddenly appearing.

  1. I think the title of your game can be bigger. It’s about the same size as the buttons

  2. You probably gonna do it, but I’ll say it anyway. Some enemies could shoot towards the player. That would force us to move the ship.

That’s it! Goodluck!!! :v:


Thanks for the replies, gonna change it later

Game Update: The game has background music now and a leaderboard system

you can test it in here game build

Any feedback would be appreciated

I love it. On my phone though, the ship hides under my big thumb. Unless I was playing it wrong.

I wonder if there could be an option to either have the ship follow a spot above the cursor position. By above I mean like CursorY() minus say 50.

Or maybe you can toggle between it seeking the touch location to more of a mouse click and drag like behavior. There could still be a delay in it moving to the location but there would be an offset determined by the initial location that the screen was touched. That way you could decide how close it was to your touch.

Otherwise, I love it. I didn’t play much. Are there power ups? Maybe multiple guns or side by side ships or maybe a short-term shield. Maybe multiple direction shooting. The poweruos good be permanent or timed.

Maybe ever so often there could be an alien that seeks the player or maybe an occasional big boss stage where it takes multiple shoots or has a health remaining meter.

There are four power ups and for the controls it needs a little bit more tinkering but still, thanks for sharing your feedback


If anyone knows how to improve the controls that would be grateful

I couldn’t test after the update. Now your link leads to a page in with the message:

Oops! We couldn’t find the page you requested.

Try it here

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