Review GDevelop and Receive a Gift Card

For a limited time, we’ve partnered with Capterra to offer incentives to review GDevelop on their platform.

Follow this link and review GDevelop for the chance to get a $20 digital gift card (for things like Amazon, etc): Write a Review - Capterra

We can’t guarantee that you’re review will get published (this will depend on the internal review team at Capterra). I recommend you log in with your LinkedIn account if you have one, or your professional email domain. However, you can also try using a free email domain like gmail or outlook.

The reward varies depending on which territory you’re in, but the value remains the same (with conversion).

This is a great opportunity to support GDevelop and get something in return! And you get it before we send it to everyone via newsletter and social media.

The reward will NOT depend on the content of your review. Though of course we’d love the review to be positive, it will not have an effect on whether you receive the gift card or not.

Again, here is the link: Write a Review - Capterra

There is a limited amount of gift cards available, so get yours quickly.

Thank you for your continued support!

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