Right enigine for me?

I want to make 2D, single player, turn-based games for Windows or browser. Is GDevelop a good engine for this?

My ideas mix elements of CCG, RPG, TBS, and puzzle games. But when I look at free game engines, all the example games are platformers, 3D, or other action genres. Why are there no tutorials for making match-3 or solitaire games?

Give it a try and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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Regarding gameplay you can do pretty much any kind of game in GD.

Some technical limitations I can think of:

  • no dynamic or fake lights
  • no multiplayer
  • no 3D
  • no screen effects and shader support out of the box
  • no UI elements out of the box such as radio buttons, lists…etc
  • no database support of any kind out of the box (partly limitation of HTML5)
  • no text to speech support on desktop and mobile (limitation of Cordova)
  • no way to detect if the game is running on a device with touch support or not on Windows and Linux (limitation of HTML5)
  • poor performance on old mobile devices due to poor HTML5 support (limitation of Android)
  • compatibility problem with some mobile devices due to driver issues (limitation of Android)