Robokite released on Google Play!

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share my first completed game with you, which is called Robokite: Tag Along.

It is an endless runner game in which you control two characters (a robot and a kite, hence the name :grin: ). Your objective is to evade traps and make sure your kite passes through rings that appear in the world. You can also purchase (with in-game money) skins for both the robot and the kite!

I hope you give my game a shot and tell me if you like it or not. While I know that there are a few problems in the optimization department, I still think that overall the game is fun. You can also suggest some improvements content-wise (like different traps etc.) and I’ll try my best to add them in! Thank you if you’ve read this post thus far!

You can download the game from the link below:

Get Robokite on Android

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Good looking game, congratulations on that. I recommend you to put a video of the game to play store, videos attract more people to download your game.

I tried your game out and I really like it! It is really well made, and very polished! My only complaint is that it starts out a bit slow, but otherwise its an fun game. Well done!

Thank you for checking out the game and the suggestion, I will start working on the trailer :grin:

Thank you! Others have also emphasized that problem with the pacing, so I adjusted it and have submitted a new update to Google Play Store (they are currently reviewing it) so hopefully, the new pacing will be better :smiley: