Roboman Game Development

I’m a total newbie to this editor and I have very little idea as to how I should go about doing some of the more complicated
things. I’ve got a running character and some basics down, like jumping etc.

I’m looking for some general help with regards to some things I would like to do in my new game project.
I’ll share some pics to illustrate:



Basic questions:
How to do “cutscenes” where there are textbox/audio, or even animations (frame based).
I have little where to even begin with these kinds of things. I’ve tried looking through Google, but I haven’t found
good tutorials on this as of yet. I don’t even know how to switch from one scene to another.
If you could point out to good sources and/or provide some tips, I would appreciate it. I have some graphics all ready and done I could use of I knew how to get things working on the code / event side.

Wow this is looking really great. I like the idea of an Ubuntu terminal as a speech bubble. :smiley:

There are different ways to create cut scenes. Via a variable based state machine, sprite animations, timers and probably more.
Here is an example project to demonstrate how it could be done (I used all of the examples above): (11.5 KB)
(please don’t mind the mess of images, I didn’t bother to clean it up :blush: )