Rock Paper Scissors Simulator 3D

Rock Paper Scissors Simulator 3D is a RPS simulator as seen on TikTok recently. This is my take on it in 3D.


There are 3 teams: Rock, Paper and Scissors. Each team starts with 10 members who will be randomly placed on the table on start. There is no placement check, so some may die instantly.

You know the rules - rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock and scissors cut paper. Each time a player makes a “kill”, the losing player will be replaced with a new instance of the winning player, and the player who made a kill will get a point and a small speed boost. The leader is the player with most points. Camera always follows the leader (even if he’s not engaged in combat), and to easily recognize him you’ll notice a sparkly trail behind him.


  • mouse scroll to zoom in/out
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