Rogue Signal Unicorn

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"Totally realistic rhythm based rainbow node hacking.

Featuring sick combos, unicorn upgrades, stylized cyber attacks and happy firewalls. Sync your move, attack and defend action to the sweet soundtrack from Jason Shawn to avoid getting traced. Blocking attack barriers and successfully chaining moves has you regain signal integrity. Random power-ups might augment your unicorn code along the way. Once you mastered the rhythm, go for a high score by keeping your combo up as long as possible.

Created with GDevelop during the 48 hours of Global Game Jam 2018."

Might be the first rhythm game made in GDevelop. I’m surprised this worked out at all. :smiley:

Example Playthrough

great, but is it only a level or do you think you implement multiple levels?
I am quite intrigued by the path that does not follow a straight line.

Can music sound like it could become a music simulation game?

the problem is that to create a level it takes a lot of patience, however, the base is not there?

Yeah It could easily be extended to feature more music tracks/levels. I already found some more complex tracks with less consistent beats and more gaps in-between that I’d really love to integrated, but I just don’t have the time right now. Obviously it can’t just read in new music, I’d have to create custom wave forms with beat pips for each new track/levels. Maybe I’ll upgrade it at some point, for now players can try beating their own score on the current track. :wink: