Rootkeeper - testing the new light system

Hi! This week I made this little game for the Weekly Game Jam - week 166, it’s called RootKeeper and it uses the new Gdevelop Light system for the environment. Check it out!


Wow that’s a quality game. With the game graphic and the concept its an awesome creation.+the manual I loved it! Also the transition when you die is awsome how did you do that?

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Hi Ruhan! Thanks for playing my game, I’m glad you liked and the miniguide too! :smiley:

The Side to Side “dead” transition is really easy to make, but is linked to the opening scene animation:

  1. First I make an object that is going to be my transition (the one from the image). This object is going to be at least the same height as the screen, and doble the Width of the screen since it has an angular cut (in my case will be 1600x550px)
  2. The object have 2 animations, one for the intro and one for the outro or players death.
  3. I usually make a transition layer on the scene, to separate all transition objects.
  4. Every transition object needs to have the Tween behavior.


  1. at the beginning the object’s X position will be “-800px”, and it will tween to “X=800px”.
  2. when the position of the object is equal to “800px” then is going to change to “X=-1600px” and the animation will also change to the outro/dead. (this in preparation for players dead or level completion)

Outro/Player Death

  1. The X position of the object on the scene is “X= -1600px”.
  2. When a condition have been met (outro or death), the black screen will tween from “X=-1600px” to “X=0px”.
  3. When the X position of the object is less than -30px then I reload the scene or change it.

And that’s it!, do this with the consecutive scenes and you will have a smooth lvl transition.

Hope that helps :smiley:


wow that’s a awesome thing you invented

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Thanks! :smile:

Very nice game! I got one little bug though, a block fell on me and suddenly the character instead of “exploding” got stuck between two blocks that can fall.
Nice transitions and gameplay in general, congrats!

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Hi arthuro555! thanks for letting me know about that bug, I definitely need to polish the collision with the fall blocks then (I think that is related to the “separate two objects function”, I might be using it wrong :thinking:)
I’m glad you enjoyed it! :smile:

Good game, Gohvnz. I really liked the aesthetics and use of the new lights, only thing I could notice is the blocks can give secondary (or sometimes infinite) jumps, don’t know if that’s intentional or not, though.

Overall, well done!

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Thanks Eliath_X!

Yeah is unintentional, I couldn’t figure out what was happening with that collision jajaja

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