RPG Battle System Testing

Here’s some videos testing out rpg battle system I’m making:

[b]Different RPG Battle System:
Different RPG Battle System Part 2:
RPG Gaining Exp & Level Up Testing:
RPG Stamina And Decreasing Accuracy (And Maybe Damage):

These videos are “basic” JRPG battle system I first started to make before “Different RPG battle system”:
RPG Escape a Random Encounter Testing:
RPG Battle System Testing:

I like the combos it is pretty good. Would be interesting to see some stamina, the more powerful attack you use the less stamina remain for the next round, the less stamina you have the stronger attacks would be not available. Would be a pretty good turn based Boxing game actually with training your character, learn combos and staff and do fights. I’m inspired :laughing:

First I had in mind to make tactical rpg like system. There would be rounds with time and every turn you can choose attack combos to make using MMA skills (including dodging). Enemy AI also make decision about combos.
Then attack would be compared and example if enemy hit jab and you got same time dodge, you dodge and might hit counter bonus attack etc. Something like that :smiley:

But I decided to stick with more familiriar JRPG with some extra in it.
So what I have in mind:
-Level 1 you can do 2 attack combo. Higher levels you can do longer combos up to 10 attack combos.
-you’ll learn combos and combos are powerful attacks and they have names something like “power straight!” Or “thunder head kick”.
-you can’t do combos that you havent learn.
-If you do one without learning, it’s just regular attack or it do combo without extra power with it. Because you’ll need to understand deeper those techniques to use them correctly ;D
-skills are like magic. There are powerfull techniques like arm bar, suplex, etc (mostly grapling moves).

Maybe I forget something but thats mostly what i have in my mind :smiley:

I like the concept, sounds good. As I mentioned I would also add stamina. Each attack and combo would require a certain amount of stamina if you don’t have enough stamina the attack would cause less damage or even miss. Stamina could also regenerate between each attack slowly. How much stamina you have would depends on training, choose to learn new attack or train stamina. Each level would have a maximum stamina limit, so you can’t be an unbeatable beast at lvl1…etc . Could also have a few things that can increase stamina temporary or increase regeneration…etc I think it would make the player to play some tactics which attack to use when not just throw everything on the enemy blindly.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to play this game one day :slight_smile:

RPG Stamina And Decreasing Accuracy (And Maybe Damage):

So now every attack decrease stamina and lower the stamina is, more you miss and maybe make less damage.

3 Attack Combo & Placeholder “Attack cutscene”
There should be a neat cutscene about that attack you are going to do.

Power Attack Designing:

Heavy Bag & Power Attack Design:
Heavy Bag will be part of training of the player character etc.

Player Vs Heavybag:
Just playing around how the battle beginning could look.

Menu & Items:

Testing Menu and Item options.

Player Vs Billy (WIP):

Billy ain’t goin’ to play with you!
Battle and art is work in progress. Billy doesn’t do any fancy moves yet, just attacking simple.

If you want to test my rpg game thing here it is: (Testing is no more available)
Controls: Z, X, Enter, Arrowkeys.
Things that I know won’t work:
-Head kick make damage, but no animation, so there appear “?” when attack
-Jab+Head Kick won’t do damage
-Can’t use skills for now

You can battle against Billy when facing it and press X.
Battle with heavy bag facing ring and press X.
You can end battle going “Tap out” place and press X.

I’d like to hear any feedback. Bugs, suggestion to make it better, anything.

Ps. Let me know did you beat Billy or was he too much to handle :wink:

The music and graphics is great.
I could not play much though.
Single attacks did work, combos did not and I did not find a way to block any of the attacks. I was pressing space but did not block anything. I liked the question mark though. Entered the combo the guy jumped to the opponent and “Whaaaat?” :laughing:
It was also not that interesting to watch. The opponent didn’t do anything just stand there.

In my opinion, we should select the attack before the move and not after the move. It would also help with multiplayer, if one day you want to turn this in to online multiplayer which would be possible with Node.js or PlayerIO it will be more simple to send the attack to the opponent and then move instead of move and wait for attack info after.
Block, not sure how you plan to implement it I could not get it to work. in most RPG’s you need to select either block or attack or heal. In some you can also select 2 or more moves and choose which move is attack and which one is block. That could be actually interesting if you could have multiple moves. We have two moves at first and then as we progress get more, it would also make it more interesting to make sure we have enough stamina left until the end of the match.

Oooookay then… I should explain a little bit more this thing… :laughing: I have tested this too much and think everything is obvious to other too… :unamused:
-Blocking will be random thing that might happen sometimes etc. Good that you say that space bar thing. I forgot to remove that event there. It doesn’t include the game at all. I’ll upload version where it isn’t there anymore. Controls are X, Z, Arrowkeys and enter in Gym view to open menu where you can’t do pretty much anything right now.
-Single attacks works, only headkick is only one that has no animation, only ? mark. you can do singles jab to headkick no problem.
-Combos works, trust me. Only Jab+something else straight to knee (jab+headkick is not working right now).
-Of course if you try something that you haven’t learn you can’t do. Every combo you will learn you can do.
-Billy is wip so it do right now only 1 attack “swing a punch”. It will do special when it’s ready. I’m not sure yet will I make it to jump to face player and attack. I might respect old school jrpg and enemy stays still and only reads what happens.

-You select attack before move. You go “attack”, press X, then arrow is over enemy, then you press again X and then you make your combo or single attack. Then player move and if it’s learned move, player do the combo.

-This is JRPG, turn based combat. You make attack, then is enemy turn etc. I don’t want to make this multiplayer, tho it is good idea.

There is “Dodge” action right now. You can recover stamina and while dodging defence is a bit higher but enemy can attack 2-3 times. You can’t beat billy attacking wildly without dodging.

I could not get combos work :confused: Or it is only animation missing that is why the question mark? I was expecting it start playing animation one after the other in case of combo…
Regarding select attack and then move, what I mean, when I select attack, it is displaying the moves but I can not choose anything, at least it seems like it. I press X and the guy immediately start moving toward the opponent and while it moving I can select attack and combos if I select nothing or a combo by the time it reach the opponent it display only a question mark.
I was expecting to be able to select move and combos and then start moving but there is maybe a reason to do this way.

I’ll have an other look when I’m going to be at my windows machine.
Unless there is a reason not to, you could make this HTML5 then people could try it anywhere on any device like me now. I’m not on a windows machine today so I have no chance to try again. :unamused:

Hmmm. Only single head kick attack has no animation yet and combo jab+head kick won’t work. As I mentioned it should be and it works this way when I test it myself:
I select Attack → Selector arrow is now over the enemy and I see attack list (Jab(A), Straight(S), etc. all the way to head kick(R)) I can look the attack list as long as I wanted to (to see what button is what attack). Then I press X again. Then Timer which is blue circle (color will change to better visibility) appears and start shrinking. And that time the circle is visible you need to use buttons A,S,D,F,Q,W,E,R to make an combo or single attack. When you press example keyboard A button, you can see A letter in black box with white side in there where was Attack list before. When timer circle is gone, player move to execute that attack you pressed. If you pressed A+S it is Jab+Straight etc. When player done the attack, it move back to starting point.
I think the reason what you are experiencing are too short “select timer”. So your “X” pressing is kind of staying down so it looks like player start moving right away when you select “attack”.

I understand it is confusing because there are no tutorial in the project how to do the battle right now and I think everything is easy and obvious because I tested it myself too long :smiley:

But thanks for testing. You might be the second one to test it out :laughing:

Use Of Upgrading Points:
You gain upgrade points when leveling up and you can upgrade Grappling or Striking Skills with them.
So you can choose what you want to be more: Grappler or Striker.
What you choose will effect the stats when leveling up. Some stats will grow more if you are Striker and some might not grow at all etc.
Better Grappling level and you can learn more powerful grappling moves and submissions.
Better Striker level and you can learn more powerful combos.

Move list work in progress:

In game you can look learned Striking or Grappling moves so you don’t have to remember every move.