Rub past the shrub

Hey @jumpingj,
I have linked the resources in the Create a new scene section.
Thanks for checking it out.

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Thank a lot; I’ll follow the tutorial it during the week-end !!!

Please note that it still might have errors. It’d be great if you could inform, if you find any. Also, any doubts or suggestions are welcome.


Hello piyushpalawat99,
I created the game.

I suggest you only to manage the Game over scene (or something similar).
I also suggest you to indicate in tutorial to insert Top-down Movement behavior to the trees proprieties.

Thanks for your work,

Hey @jumpingj,

What do you mean by game over scene?
I’ll take care of the top-down movement behavior for trees. I think I missed it.

Thanks for feedback,
Really appreciate

When the game ends, you can have it change to a scene that says game over, or maybe put “game over” text on a layer that shows after the car blows up.

My game has two types of scenes for this … a congrats one at the very end if you completed all the levels and one for if you died - from both, you can click to play again. I won’t link it here since it has its own thread (I just bumped it) and I don’t want to hijack yours :wink:

If you want to keep it simple, the text on a layer thing would be easy to add.

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That’s a good suggestion and I look forward to adding in this game although it won’t be possible to have it in the tutorial.

Thanks for the suggestions and checking out my game.


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